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Fingerprinting in our office or as a MOBILE SERVICE - Call for any questions!

Livescan and Black Ink Fingerprinting


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Office Pricing $32.50 per Person includes 2 cards
Special Cash Price in our office $25.00 per Person includes 2 cards!

Now Offering LIVESCAN Fingerprinting!

Starting at $85.00 for  electronic submission and less than 1 week on the report return to you - compare this to 10-12-14 weeks on the FBI Fingerprint Card Submission!

We can submit your information electronically for an FBI criminal history report for below :


Personal review to ensure accurate information reporting or to review prior to applying for job positions that will require a criminal history report.

Foreign travel or international student visas or work visas.

To establish residency and live in another country.

Attorney requests or for court related matters.

To challenge errors and inaccurate information. 


Call us for LIVESCAN information - 214-793-1155

Your #1 choice in the DFW area for Black Ink or Livescan Fingerprinting!


Dallas Fingerprinting Information:

Our company is your best source for value-driven, turnkey professional Fingerprinting, Notary, and Drug Screening services.

After a 25 year law enforcement career, Business Owner, Jay K. Kreps, opened Dallas Fingerprinting Services and is certified by the Texas Dept of Public Safety - PSB # Y148-CPS-A-1210 and authorized to record fingerprints for all 50 States and for Federal (FBI) background checks.

Additionally, Dallas Fingerprinting provides instant result 10 panel drug testing and is commissioned as a Notary Public for the State of Texas.

With over 2 decades of classroom, field training, collective knowledge and experience, Dallas Fingerprinting offers a unique advantage in providing professional fingerprinting services to large and small companies, as well as the general public.

We are able to provide the most value and innovation per dollar spent by providing a satisfaction guarantee for every service provided.

Offering TOP RATED budget priced Mobile Services!

Dallas FIngerprinting technicians are qualified and authorized to fingerprint anyone for State or Federal (FBI) criminal background checks.

We can do all the same applicant fingerprinting for the public that any law enforcement agency can do and more!

Dallas Fingerprinting offers fingerprinting for the following:

Non-Resident Insurance FIngerprinting

Non-Resident CHL FIngerprinting - No Texas - No Virginia CHL

mmigration fingerprinting

IRS Tax Preparer Fingerprinting

FDIC fingerprinting.
FINRA Compliance Fingerprinting
Pre-employment background checks.
Non Resident TX Insurance agents for licensing requirements.
Mortgage Brokers/Agents requiring licensing
Nursing License Fingerprinting
Government contractors Fingerprinting
Child Safe Fingerprinting
Name Change Fingerprinting
Expunge past criminal records.
Out of state real estate licensing.
Child Adoption
Security Alarm Installers - No Texas - All other States OK
Attorneys and law firms.
Liquor licenses

Texas Lottery Commission 

                  Fingerprint Cards

If you are looking to purchase blank fingerprint cards for printing elsewhere - we will sell you the FBI FD258 Applicant fingerprint cards for $5.00 each - while we are in business to provide fingerprinting service, we realize that, for whatever reason, you may want to have the printing done at a police department.

To purchase a card or cards, give us a call at 214-793-1155.


              Please keep the following in mind:

  • Police Departments will not furnish the fingerprint card - you must provide your own cards
  • Police Departments have set days and times they fingerprint the public - which may be only one day per week with a time window of 2 to 3 hours ex: 9am - 11am or 2pm - 4pm
  • You may have to stand in line for a considerable amount of time
  • You have to interrupt your busy day to drive to the location
  • Some police departments use volunteer fingerprinters who may not always provide the best fingerprint
  • It could be a very intimidating experience being in a jail environment while being fingerprinted

Remember, we are a business of convenience - we will set an
appointment for your fingerprinting in our office or we will come to your location as a mobile service to you.

We get you in and fingerprinted and back out the door in about 10 minutes - no standing in line, no wasting of your valuable time, no intimidation factor, and it's all done in our clean and professional office environment. Your time is valuable - don't waste it by waiting in line!

We provide turnkey professional fingerprinting services to the public  whether it is for one person or one hundred people or more
We have two tiers of service tailored to meet the needs of businesses of different size, complexity, and of course, your schedule:

      Dallas Fingerprinting at our office:

Our office is located at 1226 N Belt Line Rd - Irving, TX 75061
Our office hours are generally 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday and 8am to 12pm on Saturdays. Appointments are necessary for our office as we leave off and on all day long to do mobile calls. By making an appointment, you can be sure that we will have someone on-site to take care of your fingerprinting.
When you arrive for your appointment, we will ask for a form of photo ID such as your driver license, your passport, concealed weapon license or some other form of official government identification.
We will prepare your fingerprint cards, prepare your reciept and collect the fee, and then fingerprint you - all in about 10 minutes or less. We will give you your fingerprint cards after we quality control check each one - you can then send them to the requesting party, or, directly to the FBI.
For same day fingerprinting service, call us at 214-793-1155 and we will do our best to get you in on short notice (depending on daily work-load).
You may also click here to schedule your appointment on-line up to 30 days out. You will fill in all your information and will then receive an appointment confirmation via your e-mail address.

        Dallas Mobile Fingerprinting:
Mobile Fingerprinting Service is especially appealing and convenient for small - medium, or large Corporate groups, Nurses, mortgage brokers and other groups of people because we will travel to you by appointment and fingerprint everyone on-site, all together, on the same day.
This saves you employee's time and productivity from seeking out this service on their own and it is more economical as a group rather than getting fingerprinted individually.
Mobile fingerprinting allows companies to maintain a higher level of employee productivity by fingerprinting them all on-site and allowing them to immediately go back to work - never having to leave the property!
Large groups can be scheduled on a rotating basis so that only small groups need to show up at each of the designated time frames - another way to save on employee productivity!
Call us at 214-793-1155 to make your appointment for mobile fingerprinting, or CLICK HERE to schedule on-line.
Law enforcement agencies who fingerprint for the public DO NOT offer a Dallas mobile fingerprinting service and many will not fingerprint large groups of people in the same appointment, or do multiple cards on each person due to the schedule they operate on.

Police agencies simply cannot dedicate their resources for this purpose and often times recommend our company to fingerprint the public as we are available every day - all day long!

We are officially certified to provide you with the same level of State and Federal (FBI) background check fingerprinting that they do AND we stock all of the required FBI FD-258 Applicant fingerprint cards.


Dallas Metroplex Service Areas

Some of the areas we provide mobile fingerprinting service are listed below - Please give us a call at 214-793-1155 if you don't see your location - remember, we can travel anywhere!

Mobile Fingerprinting Dallas
Mobile Fingerprinting Ft Worth
Mobile Fingerprinting Irving
Mobile Fingerprinting Coppell
Mobile Fingerprinting Farmers Branch
Mobile Fingerprinting Carrollton
Mobile Fingerprinting Addison
Mobile Fingerprinting Keller
Mobile Fingerprinting Southlake
Mobile Fingerprinting Allen
Mobile Fingerprinting Lewisville
Mobile Fingerprinting Little Elm
Mobile Fingerprinting Denton
Mobile Fingerprinting Flower Mound
Mobile Fingerprinting Grapevine
Mobile Fingerprinting Garland
Mobile Fingerprinting Mesquite
Mobile Fingerprinting Bedford
Mobile Fingerprinting Colleyville
Mobile Fingerprinting McKinney
Mobile Fingerprinting Anna
Mobile Fingerprinting Fairview
Mobile Fingerprinting Terrell
Mobile Fingerprinting Tyler
Mobile Fingerprinting Longview

Dallas Fingerprinting Certification

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