ACS Fingerprinting now offers LIVESCAN Fingerprinting


Live scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing your fingerprints electronically (digitally) with our computerized fingerprinting system. When you do live scan fingerprinting there is no black ink used to get all over your hands!

The electronic process is much cleaner and more accurate in capturing the details of your fingerprints. This method involves rolling each fingerprint across a glass plate and then scanned into the fingerprint software.

When the process is completed, ACS clients then have the option of having any number of fingerprint cards printed out or,they can have the fingerprints sent electronically to an FBI Channeler resulting in the rapid return of your criminal background check.

Generally, when sending the fingerprints electronically, you will get a result back in about 3 hours in which you will be given a portal to login and see the results.

The FBI Channeler will then send the report at no charge to you via US Postal Service or for an upgraded price will either send it Priority or Over Night to you.

ACS Dallas Fingerprinting takes appointments in their centrally located office in Irving, TX or as a mobile service to your location. Generally, if you call early enough in the mornings, either service is available that same day – if not, the next day can be reserved for your appointment.

ACS Fingerprinting technicians are expert fingerprinters, they are certified to fingerprint for all 50 States and Homeland Security and they fingerprint for many different processes.

Business owner Jay Kreps demonstrates organizational skills that are second to none – so whether he is fingerprinting one person or a large group, he will help guide everyone through the process very smoothly and efficiently. Corporate groups and classes requiring fingerprinting will also receive the best rates in the Dallas – Fort Worth, TX area and if additional fingerprinters are needed for a large group, there will not be an additional charge.

With ACS Fingerprinting, you will see why they are considered DFW’s #1 choice for mobile fingerprinting and notary service. Our expertise in service and product quality has made for thousands of extremely satisfied customers. It is our goal to always provide each of our clients with a low cost, fast, reliable, professional, convenient and outstanding experience!

Police and other law enforcement agencies who fingerprint for the public DO NOT offer a mobile service and many will not fingerprint large groups of people in the same appointment. We are officially certified to provide you with the same level of State and Federal (FBI) background check fingerprinting that they do AND we stock all of the required FD-258 fingerprint cards as well as offering Livescan fingerprinting.

We fingerprint in Dallas tx, Irving TX, FT Worth TX and all surrounding suburbs. Some of our clients include FINRA fingerprinting, FDIC fingerprinting, Immigration fingerprinting, Adoption and name change fingerprinting, Mortgage Banking and Loan servicing, and FFL Fingerprinting to name a few of the many processess.

Call them at 214-793-1155 for an appointment today or go on line to or and secure your appointment online!

All fingerprinting will be completed in accordance with industry standards. Fees charged for fingerprinting or notary services are for our time and labor spent meeting with you, thus we have a no refund policy. We do guarantee our fingerprinting so if your fingerprint records are returned by the authorities or FBI deemed as unclassifiable due to our error, we will reprint you once more at no charge in our Irving , TX office - If requested, we will reprint you at your location, however, a mobile trip charge will apply for time and fuel used while traveling. Rejections are most often due to adverse skin conditions such as medical issues (chemotherapy - eczema), washing hands excessively, dry cracking skin, cracks and lighter ridge detail due to aging, callused fingertips and injuries or amputations. Due to any of these adverse skin conditions, no fingerprint technician has a perfect record and a rejection due to these reasons are not the technicians fault. If your cards are rejected due to missing information, this will not be deemed “our fault”. Customer must fill out all blocks on fingerprint cards prior to sending to FBI. If your fingerprints are rejected for any reason not deemed our fault, we will charge our normal fee for re-printing you. If your fingerprints are returned due to low ridge detail or a skin condition preventing us from recording classifiable fingerprints (or other reason not deemed our fault, such as missing information on cards, etc.), we must charge standard rates for another set of fingerprints. We maintain an extraordinarily low rejection rate. In the unlikely event that you are notified of your fingerprints being returned, simply call ahead to schedule an appointment and bring the rejection letter you received with your receipt for your reprints – MUST present receipt and rejection letter. It is your responsibility to know if you are required to obtain ink based or electronic fingerprinting for your background check prior to scheduling an appointment with us. Blank FD-258 cards purchased are final sales and are non-refundable.